Our objective:

Security for everyone involved

As experienced project developers, GreenCITY-solar  have built up a network of locally based project developers where ever we intend to erect solar power plants. As a consequence we are well connected in Germany, Italy, Spain, and now Thailand. Last, but not least, we have the know-how and the resources to develop projects based on a structured approach we can replicate and bring into new markets.
Our objective for each project is to come up with an individual and sustainable concept which will offer not only the site owner and the municipality, but also the investor and operator of the solar park, the maximum possible legal security for the whole life period of the power plant.



  • Our goal is maximal effiency

    engineers are really experts and support you wherever it is needed. When designing the technical system
    (system integration), the following decisions are of paramount importance:

  • Operational managment for solar parks

    commissioning and handing over the facility to the operator, GreenCITY-solar offers a comprehensive scheme for technical operational management.
    This includes the following services: